Glue Gun

The strength casts brand

Product details

Special Features

• Professional Valve system 100% no drop

• Two Sets Indicator Light:

    For Battery Indicate: Red:When Charging and Low Battery; Green:Full charge and normal heating

    For Heating Indicate: Red:Preheating; Green:Finish preheating to start gluing

FL-099 AS

4V Li-lon Battery Cordless Glue Gun

Battery1 800mAh
Glue Stick7.2mm
Preheat Time15-30S
Running Time40Minutes
Charger Time1.5h


1.the toy model

2.Artifical flowers,christmas tree

3.Decorations,the metals product

4.the wood product,

5.Electronic circuit plak


>Load one glue stick

>Heatting gun for few mins and pull the trigger

>Don't touch the nozzle and melted glue

>Keep away from Children.

>Must be used under supervision of adult during doing craft works.

>Power:120V~230V, 50Hz, 10W,


Use methods of the glue gun :

1.Make sure that the working voltage was at the level of 120V~230V.

2.Set up the holder,put the gun horizontal and the glue jet downward.

3.Insert the glue stick into the glue gun.(glue stick diameter 7.2mm available)

4.Connect with the power supply and pre-heat the glue stick for 3-5 minutes till it melt completely.

5.Pull the trigger slightly to let the glue flowing out.

6.Cut off the power supply when you finished the work