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We inform you the following regarding your request on operational principle of “glue gun”.

The operational principle of “glue gun lies in thermal effect on special “glue” stick, resulting their obtainment of  necessary fluidity  and penetrating and binding ability accordingly. So the most essential element of its structure is heat loop. Heat loop represents a metal tank with the electric heater – TEH that is positioned over it, On the back side the gun load by stick of appropriate diameter, one side of which is loading in heated metal tank. Molten stick pushed out through the nozzle by pushing on the trigger designed in a such way to make necessary pressure for filling stick in tank.
Sticks are not thermal active glue which resulted chemical reaction of solidification while heating, despite of its name. Sticks consist of thermoplastic polymer, which could be melted repeatedly by heating and thicken when cooled and performs a function of a solder. Traditional guns are used with the sticks of two types. Ethylene vinyl acetate sticks are melted when the temperature is higher than 80 °C approximately.The polymer is very light and elastic. Polyamide sticks have higher rigidity and durability. Such material is melted when the temperature is 150 °C approximately.
In this manner objects interconnection technology with the help of “Glue gun” is a technology of  brazing, i.e. we get non-detachable connection of objects made with the same or different material with the help of melted alloy without melting of edges of the components that are to be connected. According to the temperature of polymer, which is used  like a solder, such “gun” is the device for low temperature soldering.
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